Professional services to Property Agents

When I become a KeyAGENT photographer, will I be self-employed?

Yes! As a sub-contractor, you'll still keep all the freedom of self-employment. Your workload is up to you. 

Do I have to pay for training?

All training is completely free of charge when you join our fleet. We'll give you over-the-phone and document-led training on the specifics of property photography and floor plan creation. And once that part is over, your very own photographer coach will be able to help you with any technical questions you might have. Learn more:

Actually, do I have to pay for anything?

When we're discussing your application with you, we'll check you have all the right kit to take great photos for our clients. If you don't have the complete toolkit, you'll need to invest in the additional equipment before qualifying for the jobs we'll send you. And when it comes to travel, we work to set you up with the closest jobs, so your travel costs will be included in the payment you get for that job. Ultimately, we pay on a per-property basis so keeping your jobs in your area works out best for everyone. Learn more:

When I join KeyAGENT, how much work will be available?

This is market dependent, but our aim is to provide all of our photographers with a consistently high volume of work. It'll depend on location, availability and the client's needs. Our target is to build you up to 50 jobs per month, though some of our photograhers are able to more than double this when they build up a great working relationship with our clients. Learn more:

When it comes to accepting a job, what area of the UK will I cover?

How far you're willing to travel, and by proxy, how many jobs you'll make yourself available for, is up to you. A 15 mile radius works well for a lot of our photographers, though of course this lessens in more built-up, urban areas. 

How will I find out about new jobs in my area?

When you join us as a photographer, you'll need to download the KeyAGENT app to your iPhone or Android phone. We'll set you up with your own login and this will be your primary destination for accepting jobs. You'll get a push notification and an email when you've got a new job opportunity, though we may also contact you by email or telephone to arrange a property shoot.

How long does it take to shoot a property?

Every house is different of course, but as a general rule, you should aim to spend around an hour on each site visit. That's the time it takes to shoot a normal sized home.Start your property visit with a quick walk around the whole residence to identify key rooms and features. You'll be able to point out to the home owner if there's any home staging that needs to be done, such as tidying away unwanted items. Ask the home owner for their favourite and most unique features of the property - they'll know the property well, and will know where its secret spots are. Your tour of the property shouldn't take any more than five minutes, even for the larger homes. It should take you around 20 minutes to do the floor plan, which you will then upload via the KeyAGENT app. Once that's done, you can spend around 25 minutes taking photographs of the property, and spend a final five minutes reviewing the images with the home owner or estate agent. Learn more:

Why do I need a laser measure? Can't I just use my phone?

Mobile apps that claim to act as laser measures are notoriously inaccurate, so we ask you to use a proper laser measure when drawing floor plans.

Can I edit my photographs?

You're welcome to edit your own photographs, but you aren't expected to do this as part of your job. We have a specialist editing team who are on-hand to do this on your behalf. We do request that you convert RAW files to Jpegs, though. Learn more:

What's a floor plan? Why do I need to create one?

As a property photographer, you can add value by being able to provide accurate floor plan sketches to accompany your photographs. A floor plan is a visual aid for a buyer, helping them get a sense of the room sizes and layouts of the property. The plan, therefore needs to be clear and accurate, with precise measurements. Learn more:

If I need to stop working with KeyAGENT, how do I end the contract?

We keep an open communication with all of our photographers, so it will be easy to let us know if you're not able to carry on working with us. When you're on holiday or unable to work for a short while for another reason, tell us in advance so we know not to bother you with jobs in your area during that time.