“[PropertyBOX is a] clever solution to industry problems that help make the lives of agents easier and less stressful, providing a simple and effective solution to a common issue or query... Well worth keeping an eye on.”

Your properties, but better looking.

1.Get better quality photos, faster

2. Save time instantly - visuals ready by the time you're back in the office

3. Get going right away with an easy-to-use interface

4. No need to waste time on complicated floor plan software

5. Say goodbye to editing photos

6. Impress your vendors and boost your reputation

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Beautifully presented properties.

In a digital world, polished photos and floor plans sell houses. Regardless of weather, equipment or skill, get it right every time with blue skies, green grass and more.

Drop and go.

Got your floor plan sketch and photos? That's all you need. Whether it's a quick snap on your iPhone or a professionally-taken DSLR shot, drop it in PropertyBOX and let the magic happen.

Save time, cut costs.

Let's be honest: navigating tricky floor plan software probably isn't the best part of your job. So scrap paying for floor plan subscriptions - all while making your properties more attractive.

Boost your listings - and brand.

It's a competitive market. Consistently beautiful property portfolios build your brand - and attract more buyers and sellers.

No effort, no limits, no brainer.

All your properties deserve to look their best. With unlimited use, there's no need to spend time debating whether a property deserves extra TLC. The way we see it, they all do.

Friendly support.

Our PropertyBOX experts are a message away anytime you need them. Drop us a line at team@propertyboxapp.com if you have any questions.

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Our success so far has been driven by our early adopters' passion for next-level property marketing. See what they've got to say about it.

"PropertyBOX has been a big time-saving measure for the whole team. When we were using other software, it had taken us around 15-20 minutes to complete a floor plan, so we decided to try PropertyBOX. The user interface is easy to navigate and we were able to choose our own personal preferences, which made it even quicker to place the order. The finished photos are always high quality and it's been a really helpful tool for marketing my properties to a higher standard."

James Gunther

Associate Partner. Residential Sales of Fenn Wright

"When I was using Metropix, it took me around 20 minutes to process the floor plan for the property, and another 40 minutes on the photos. Spending an hour on managing the files and using the software for every property became problematic, so I was looking around for more efficient solutions. Since switching to PropertyBOX, I've cut this down to 2 minutes per property. I can now process 30 properties in the time it took me to look after one. When you're using it as frequently as us, this really adds up. We've got 3 team members using PropertyBOX and on average, its ease-of-use has allowed us to save 5 business hours a week."

Matthew Smith (MNAEA)

Sales Director of Thornley Groves